Raised hatches
Under the name of wemDeck®, Wemeco® developed a sturdy and extremely solid raised access hatch. The wemDeck® raised hatch is available in aluminium and stainless steel and satisfies every required standard.
Recessed concrete embedded hatches
Wemeco® developed a sturdy and extremely solid concrete embedded hatch. The wemDeck® IS- and IF-hatches are used at locations where the access hatch to a shaft or basement can not be an obstacle for the surroundings.
Manhole/vault hatches
wemDeck® access hatches has developed a series of solid access hatches for concrete vaults. These hatches are available both raised and flush to the floor.
Safety grids
WemDeck® safety grids are designed to be mounted directly into to the concrete of the opening to cover. When a hatch without safety grid is already placed on an opening, it is not necessary to replace the entire hatch.
Raised hatches
Recessed concrete embedded hatches
Manhole/vault hatches
Safety grids
wemDeck® Access hatches, floor hatches, shaft covers, and accessories
Wemeco® develops and produces access hatches, shaft covers, floor hatches, heavy traffic hatches, and safety grids from steel, aluminium and stainless steel, under the name of wemDeck®. WemDeck® offers a safe solution for every application. Because of the combination of high quality material and many years of experience, we can guarantee an excellent product with highly competitive conditions.

Besides our standard products, Wemeco also produces specific products, designed to fit every need of our customers. This way, your standard becomes our standard!
Advantages of wemDeck® access hatches
WemDeck® offers you the following advantages:
  • Standard access hatches, shaft covers, floor hatches, safety grids and other accessories can quickly be delivered from stock.
  • High flexibility and optionality.
  • Your favorite will become our standard.
  • All access hatches, shaft covers, and accesories are manufactured by Wemeco, which provides for:
    • Quick response to the wishes of the customers.
    • A short delivery period, even for specific products.
    • Complete control over the quality of the product.
    • An excellent price/quality ratio.
  • Solid products which provide for a long and carefree lifetime.
  • Easy ordering with the use of our configurator.
What business are we in?
  • Segments (who)
    • Civil infrastructures
      • Roads, bridges and tunnels
      • Water treatment plants, water networks, sewers
      • Stations, harbours, airports
    • Building & Construction
      • Residential buildings
      • Commercial buildings
    • Industrial
      • Biogas installations
      • Oil & gas, off-shore
      • Heavy Vehicle & Off-Road (HVOR)
  • Products (what)
    • Need that we fulfil:
      • Deliver high quality, aluminium, steel and stainless steel hatches and steps at competitive prices for covering, closing off and making accessible of holes, providing access to roofs and underground systems, spaces, gullies and shafts for persons, equipment and materials.
      • High quality translates into products which support durability, robustness, safety, ease of use and aesthetic finish.
  • Competetences (how)
    • Excel in technical skills for design, production and cost control
    • Customer focus
    • Continuous learning organization
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