wemDeck® Raised hatches
Under the name of wemDeck®, Wemeco® developed a sturdy and extremely solid raised access hatch. The wemDeck® raised hatch is available in aluminium and stainless steel and satisfies every required standard. Our standard raised hatch is completed in such a way that it almost always meets the required specifications. Raised access hatches are available in multiple configurations and provide for a safe method of entrance for practically every situation.
Types of raised hatches
WemDeck® delivers three types of raised hatches, namely:

Scharnier type AV (Anti Vandalism) Type AV, the standard wemDeck® raised hatch!
The type AV (Anti Vandalism) hatch is designed to protect everything underneath from theft and vandalism. At this hatch, the hinges, padlock ring, and hatch anchor are all located on the inside of the cover.

The wemDeck® type AV raised cover provides for the most secure and sustainable option for both the user and its surroundings!
Scharnier type AI (All Inside) Type AI
At the type AI raised hatch, the hinges and padlock ring are located inside of the cover. However, the hatch anchor is located on the outside of the cover.

This type of hatch is often used on locations where there is little chance of vandalism or theft. 
Scharnier type AO (All Outside) Type AO
At the type AO raised hatch, the hinges, padlock ring and hatch anchors are all located on the outside of the cover.

This type of hatch is often used on locations where the chance of vandalism or theft is next to zero. 

Advice needed?

For advice on what product fits best in your situation, please contact our product specialist mr. Tonny Sigger.

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